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Welcome to Guitar, a website devoted to incredible female guitar players from all over the world.

We feature the latest news, interviews, podcasts, concert dates and industry events about, and for, female guitarists from as far away as, the U.K. Japan, Sweden and Australia to Canada and the U.S. Here you’ll find female guitarists covering all music genres from folk, classical, jazz and bluegrass to rock and country.

Guitar was launched to honor the women who have the courage, determination, and drive to make it in an industry that’s been dominated by men for so many years. Female guitar players are gaining their own fan base with their own brand of passionate rock & roll, shredding and soulful storytelling. At Guitar we share the wisdom and insight female guitarists share with us. They share how they got their start, what it’s really like living on the road, and where you can see them play next. Guitar celebrates the journey of female guitarists.